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Health and Fitness

As an ambassador of beauty, I feel it is my duty to let you all in on what I had gone through to get where I am today in regards to health and fitness. I started my journey in the beginning of March. I was at my heaviest, at a whopping 181lbs. My height is 5'5 3/4 so I was technically obese for my height. I was unhappy and I said I would do what it took to make me happy and that was when I made the choice to actually use my gym membership and stop allowing the automatic payments to keep being taken from my account for free. I decided to work out 6 days a week, resting on Sunday and completely changing my diet. I cut out carbs, caffeine, pasta, sweets(desserts) and breads. Believe me, it was hard but I made commitment to myself and I could not let down the only person routing for me. The first two months I had lost 20lbs and shortly after another two month span I had lost the last 20lbs, resulting in a 40lbs weight loss. I am now at the stage of my weight loss to keep it off, I will never go back to 181, because I was not happy there. I am happy at 135lbs. I can finally be the person I use to be and be an example to women that they can lose unwanted pounds in a safe and healthy way.

Visit my blog on this topic and ask question and I will respond to what I did exactly

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